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Stage Right Design has been staging luxury homes in the greater Sacramento area for over 14 years! Our small team of talented designers keep the process quick, simple and catered to the needs of both sellers and agents. As a client. you speak with the owner, or the lead designer to ensure your ideas, issues and concerns are heard.

We have a passion for interior design and stock only the most current trends. Potential buyers stroll through the newest and most desirable furnishings and immediately feel at home. It is easy to imagine living in the spaces we create!

Also serving Greater Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma & Lake Tahoe

In 2021 We Staged 121 Vacant Homes. 98% SOLD in the first 45 days!

In 2021, Stage Right Design, Inc. merchandised 121 Vacant Homes in the Sacramento, California area. 98% SOLD and were off the market within the first 45 days! Home staging doesn't cost money - it increases your closing price. Our home stagings pay dividends and our statistics speak for themselves! SEE MORE STATS.

Can’t I just stage my house myself? Our homes are very private and personal to us, it is where we live and seek solitude.  It is currently decorated (“staged”) to make us comfortable and allow us to live in a relaxed atmosphere.  You will not always be able to identify its flaws.  If you are not able to view something objectively then you are not going to be able to package and market it effectively.  Stage Right Design, Inc. puts on its “Buyer Eyes” and can effectively get your home ready for an immediate offer.  Using a certified professional home staging company is where you will get your greatest return on investment. MORE FAQ's

Luxury Home Staging Sacramento

Right off the bat we noticed that his level of communication was incredible, he is on top of it!   We set our expectations and Ryan set his expectations, then it was full steam ahead.  We have staged 125 vacant homes with Ryan at Stage Right Design, Inc. since June of 2009; all were staged uniquely different and were absolutely gorgeous.  

Jon & Laura Hesse

Accelerated Reaty Group

Staged Homes Sell Faster For More Money. Staging Pays for Itself in Dividends!

  • 90% of homes STAGED prior to going to market sell 90% faster
  • 83% of buyers agents said STAGING made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as a future home
  • 61% of agents incorporate STAGING into their marketing strategy
  • 58% of buyers agents said STAGING increased dollar value of 1-10% if compared to similar UNSTAGED homes
  • 28% of seller agents STAGE all of their listings
  • 25% of buyers are willing to overlook property faults in STAGED home
Luxury Home Staging Sacramento

I listed a beautiful, vacant home that I thought would sell itself. We got a lot of foot traffic but no serious offers. After several months I pulled the listing and hired Stage Right Design based on a recommendation from a fellow real estate professional. I was impressed with the crew’s professionalism and creativity. I re-listed the home after staging and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We got a full-price offer and expect to close in a week or two. Staging works, especially if you hire the right company!

George Warren - Realtor

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